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Mar 6

Written by: Lin Wurzbacher
3/6/2011 8:08 AM  RssIcon

I recently updated our list of BHCC ministry teams and Nano (small) groups and was pleasantly surprised to see we now have 18 teams and groups. I was suprised because we've recently been trying to be be very proactive in building more Nano Groups and have been a little frustrated in the slowness of getting some started.  I think one of our best strengths is actually in building Serving Teams.  12 of the 18 teams are Serving Teams and I think that's awesome!

I think it shows that people are growing in their faith at BHCC in the fact that so many have a desire to serve our Lord here.  Nothing excites me more than seeing people mature to this level in their faith.  They go from being very 'me' focused to being 'loving-others' focus.

Recently I feel God is showing me a more sharply focused discipleship strategy for BHCC.  It fits perfectly with the foundation we've always had here at BHCC but it takes it to a more precise level.  There are four stages to discipleship and all four are based on either the Great Commandment or the Great Commission..

This is the stage where people just start engaging in relationships with other Christians and church.  This is where they are openly seeking more about God or are just coming to know Christ as their Lord and Savior for the first time. 

This is where true growth begins.  They begin reading the Bible.  They make the decision to be baptized.  They begin attending Bible Studies or growth classes at church. They may join a small group for the first time.The focus is often still very much about 'me' and what 'I' need.

This is the stage where people make a shift from thinking about themselves to thinking about others more.  They become more sensitive to seeing the needs of others around them.  They develop a desire to want to do more for God and for His church.  They usually join a serving team at this stage or volunteer in some way that is a blessing to the Church.

This is the last stage of becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.  This is where people more fully embrace their calling by God to 'make more disciples.' At this stage people will begin seeking out other people to mentor / disciple.  They are proactive at seeking out opportunities to share their faith with others.  They deliberately enter into disciple-building relationships.

Worship can begin to happen in the Connect Stage and continues to grow stronger throughout each stage of discipleship. 

All five of these are God designed purposes for each and every life.

Over 50% of BHCC attenders are currently on a Serving Team or are participating in a small group.  This tells me that over 50% have reached the 'Serve' stage (or beyond).  That is very exciting to me since most of the people who come to BHCC are not Christians when they first start to attend.  This system seems like a good way for us to help people identify what stage of growth they are in and what the next stage God wants them to grow into.

I LOVE doing church as a team!  Everything we do, we seek to do in teams.  I know this is the way God designed His church to be....a winning team!!!




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